Would a Finnish hotel be complete without a sauna?

The tradition of sauna evenings is a big thing in our little corner of the world, popular amongst friends, co-workers and various sports teams. At Stadshotellet we have two saunas that you can rent for the evening or just a couple of hours if you like.

We also offer some great packages so you can combine a night with sauna and good food and then carry on to our nightclubs.

Sauna Package Deals

For groups of 10+ people

Includes private use of the sauna (2,5h), dinner and free entry to nightclubs (service fee 3€ not included).

Dinner is served in restaurant Per Brahe or Steakhouse Ludwig depending on the size of your group and/or choice of service (buffet or table serving). See dinner alternatives below.


33 €/person

1. Casserole buffet

Ham or fish casserole, salad and baguette

2. Salad buffet

Feta cheese salad, chicken salad, green salad and baguette + bread spreads

3. Buffet of mixed sausages

Chorizo, bratwurst, Mediterranean sausage, barbeque sausage, potato salad, green salad and baguette

4. Meatball buffet

Giant meatballs in Tex-Mex sauce, creamy potatoes, green salad and baguette

Table serving

1. Pork escalope

Served with pepper sauce, wedged potatoes and salad
35 €/person

2. Black Angus tenderloin steak (160g)

Served with red wine sauce and rustic fries
48 €/person